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SCHS FTHS REC @ WILD APACHE TRANSIT SCAT SC Job Openings SC Job App 2018 Calendar As  of  July 17 SCPD…475-2311   EMS…475-0911 SC rez pix Tree Removal Service APACHE TRANSIT Scholarships Wood Sale In Cutter WeTip 800-78 CRIME Pathway to College Auto Glass & Tint 928-275-4020

 July 1


July 11 & 25

Heart & Soul  Walk - Run

  July 15-27

Summer Reading Program

  July 23

   $100 Gift Card

  July 24

  Immunization Clinic

July 30-Aug 4

   Back to School Youth BB Tournament

  July 28

 Luther Victor Fundraiser Raffle

  Aug 10

  1st Annual Co-Ed Softball Tournament

  Aug 11

  Youth Basketball Tournament

  Aug 18

  Preston Beach Sr Memorial Run

  Aug 25

SC Half Marathon Run

HEALTHCARE FIRE RESTRCTIONS Lifted SAN CARLOS RESERVATION Rocky Mtn Spotted Fever Fundraising Event  By Lilly & Connor & Family at Sam’s Club Tucson